We at High End Dental Lab have been providing dentists with the most reliable service since 1981. We employ only the most distinguished technicians that go through a massive retraining in order to upgrade them to our standards. All technicians that work on your cases are either CDTs or MDTs. 

 All our Cad/Cam Designers were hands on technicians for many years before going digital. This ensures that the digital designer has both theory and practice, when it comes to functionality, strength, and esthetics of the restoration. Our Ceramist, they are the best. Classically trained artists that learned dentistry, became CDTs and are now masters of their craft. Not technicians pretending to be artists. This allows us to create very high end masterpiece cases that other labs do not have the artistic abilities to design. We pride ourselves on having a very fine fit and finish to our cases. 

We know what it takes to start and finish any case correctly. Never cutting corners and always triple checking your work is our path to success. It is extremely important for our dentist to take pride in inserting our cases. We give 100% effort and take every measure to ensure the patient, dentist, and us the lab is happy with the result. 

Dentists that have experience working with us feel more confident having us to back them up… like any great relationship communication is key. We give every one of our dentists our full undivided attention. Whatever it takes we will make sure your case succeeds. Whether, it takes multiple trips to take care of any issue or working with you chairside on your difficult cases. WE GOT YOUR BACK!!! 


2992 Aberdeen Rd. Union , 07083


Monday-Friday: 9AM - 9PM